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Andrea Padovani, Artist

Born: Verona, Italy, 1961


Andrea PadovaniPainting is a true love for me, it is the door to my world.

Art can be many different things, but to me it’s just a feeling: it has the power to transport you to a dimension of dreams, peace or even evoking flash backs of personal history.

The part that fascinates me most and draws me to my easel every day, is the apparent simplicity and the banality of every image; to this, I should add the immense potential of my color box.


When I look at an image as a potential subject for a painting, I can see many different interpretations that can be generated. Age, culture, the historical moment and personal emotions we live in at that specific moment are all playing a leading role on how we perceive and see images. I find this truly spectacular and fascinating; it shows all our potential, innate freedom and diversity as human beings.


As an artist, I believe that the real challenge is to capture the soul of the image and rendering it to the canvas. After so many years, I fear the possibility of painting something simply by taking advantage of the technical skills I’ve developed leaving the muse behind. That’s why I love playing with colors, sometimes juxtaposing them boldly or playing with light and shadows forcing them to outline profiles or define atmospheres.


The other important element is my color box. I look at it and it’s just like looking at all the paintings and masterpieces in the world. Every great work has begun from a simple box of colors; then of course the individual capacity and experience shape paintings in different intensity and artistic quality. Here, the daily challenge is all there, the potential and the limits are set by me.


In my life I faced many challenges; I left a secure and well-paying job when I was 33. I moved my family to the other side of the ocean, I have invested numberless hours closed in my studio listening classical music and educating my way towards my personal interpretation of art. One of my favorite subjects is the interior of houses. A house as the place where we live, we dream, we make love, we wake up and we return to. I find that the house comes to represent who lives in it or who I can imagine lives in.


A house builds and represents memories; feeling and emotions are stronger than memories. When I paint I always try to get the meaning of the subject in relation to what I am and feel at that moment. It always gives me a sense of self accomplishment knowing that some intuition is taken away from the world of thoughts to become a tangible artifacts.


My day starts always early, most of the time before sunrise; I sit at my easel with inquietude and I chase joy and personal satisfaction. The joy that only a beautiful image can unleash, the satisfaction that comes when I realize that colors, composition, texture are harmonious and can dance together.